There was one event this year I was particularly excited about. A year ago I was asked to give a lecture in the Ziggo Dome for 8000 people. Minor sidenote: one of the other speakers would possibly be Barack Obama. As the date, November 8, 2017, was approaching, it became clear that the organization was far from flawless. Ziggo Dome had turned into RAI and Barack Obama was replaced by Kofi Annan. Still enough to be excited about, until they downsized to an audience of 500 people a week before the event and changed the location to Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam. I couldn’t help but be disappointed with one sixteenth of the audience I was promised a year ago.

Because of the initial disappointment I probably wasn’t fully prepared for what was coming that 8th of November. Kofi Annan’s stage performance blew me away! Off stage he seemed approachable and normal, but all of a sudden there was magic! Pure charisma! I’m not easily impressed, but this was truly amazing to witness. I would’ve almost forgotten about having to perform myself and all of a sudden I was nervous. Just in time, because I gave it everything and got my first standing ovation ever.