I read Dan Brown’s newest book Origin on the very first day it came out and I was absolutely stunned. It almost seems like the story developed directly from ingredients in my own mind: Interesting stuff on quantum computing, synthetic intelligence, digital agents, Siri and DNA. It was almost like I was reading one of my lectures, but then wrapped in a Dan Brown novel. I was absolutely stunned.

This is not the first time Dan Brown pulled this trick on me. In the early nineties I had read all Baigent and Leigh books, like Holy Blood Holy Grail and The Elixer and The Stone. Inspired by that, I went on a journey to Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh and it was only ten years later Dan Brown appeared with his Da Vinci Code, generously dipping into those stories. Apparently we’re much alike, Dan and me.

Now I feel even more strengthened in my mission to make people aware of exponential technology and to keep talking about the ethical ambiguity of that development. But one thing is crystal clear to me: we’re rapidly developing towards a more equal division of human welfare. Old powers, including religious powers, who feel like they can change this course are delusional.

A lot of food for thought. But if this book becomes another bestseller, I predict prosperous times for the Permanent Beta movement and all her companions in the search for chances and possibilities in the network- and information society. Let us all be happy in a world that’s Permanent Beta.